Less than a year ago, I went in to see Dr. Bobby Birdi for some concerns with my teeth. I was never able to smile or able to attend social gatherings as I had difficulty eating. This all changed when I came to BC Perio to see Dr.Birdi for the teeth in one day procedure. I was not only welcomed into the clinic by the amazing staff but also Dr.Birdi made sure to take the time to explain the benefits and long term advantages with the Teeth in One Day procedure. The front desk staff made sure to walk me through all the steps as we went along…..reassuring me I made the right decision.

I came in for a full day procedure and left with an unrecognizable smile. I forgot what it felt like to eat with normal teeth, or what my smiled looked like until I looked in the mirror after my procedure.

For someone as nervous as me and as skeptical as me, this was the best decision I’ve ever made! I am so happy! I am now planning to have my lower teeth done.

Thank you Dr.Birdi and the whole team at BC PERIO for making me smile and eat again.

I can recommend to everyone to visit Dr. Birdy if you would like to get your comfort and beautiful smile back. Dr. Birdy literally changed my life with the excellent work he did over an extended period of time. His professional expertise, integrity and compassionate concern for the person who desperately needs help are most appreciated. Thank you for giving me back my SMILE, dear Dr. Birdy and your team!
Olena P.

Friendly and knowledgeable staff. Had a great experience!
Andrea Stanley

Outstanding from start to finish. Always 10/10!
James G.

Very professional and informative.
Follow-up was quick and easy.
All around a very pleasant experience.
I will be referring my husband who will be needing some specialized work in the near future.
Debbie H.

The team, including Dr Birdie, are always very friendly and professional. Despite having procedures that are not overly pleasant (lol) I felt at ease because everything was explained clearly before the procedure took place and the team then made sure I was comfortable and knew how to care for myself post-surgery.
Lynda B.

Overall, the service at BC Perio is top notch. The majority of my comments here relate to Dr Munns and his staff, recent additions to BC Perio. For over 30 years, I’ve been a patient of Dr Munns and I continue to enjoy and benefit from his superior expertise and care. In addition, Barb, my dental hygienist, gives the absolute best cleaning job ever! These two people, consummate professionals as they are, are responsible for the fact that I still have a fairly nice set of teeth and reasonably healthy gums!

My only experience with Dr Birdie thus far is as an implant patient. The process was fairly straightforward and seamless. Although lengthy, everything went well and I’m pleased with the outcome.

My one suggestion for improving service is to provide some mechanism for reducing the heavy burden of the one shot payment method for the more expensive treatments. Giving patients the option of spreading out their payments over longer periods of time, ie three, four or five month periods, makes the financial hit less onerous and takes into account the reduced incomes of many seniors who need continuous dental care as they age.
Margaret F.

Very welcoming, Dr Munn explaining the procedure, didn’t have to ask questions. I was very impressed with everyone, I met. Thank you.
Joan R.

I had a hygiene appointment with Barbara today at the Coquitlam location. She came recommended by a close friend, and did not disappoint. Thorough, gentle, kind and informative, she made me feel that WE were taking care of my oral health.

I have been a patient at this location for approximately 18 months and every member of their team has impressed me with their caring expertise. Dr. Munns, Janice, Louise and Barb (plus one assistant who’s name I regretfully cannot remember) have all taken wonderful care of me.

I have a serious surgical procedure scheduled in the next few weeks, and have every confidence that this team will help me fly through it with expertise and great support.
Marilyn M.

I had a dental hygiene appointment with Barb(ara) today at the Coquitlam location. She came highly recommended through a close friend, and did not disappoint! Thorough, gentle, kind and informative – she made me feel that WE were looking after me. I have been a patient at this location for approximately 18 months now and every staff member has been a pleasure to interact with – Dr. Munns, Janice, and Louise (plus one person who’s name I am embarrassed to say I have forgotten).

I have a serious surgical procedure scheduled in the next few weeks, and am confident that all will be well with this wonderful team.
Marilyn M.

My husband recently had three crowns done by Dr.Birdi. He was very nervous to have them done but he was very glad to have his smile back! Dr.Birdi is very gentle and was very good at putting him at ease! He would recommend Dr.Birdi to anyone looking for an outstanding specialist!
Louise M.

My dentist referred me to a specialist in Vancouver to get implants and perio work done. I didn’t want yo go that far, so I checked out this new clinic. I must tell you I was very impressed. Dr. Birdi saw me for a free consult!! I also got a free 3d X-ray. He showed me everything on the computer and explained things in a way I could understand. It was so helpful. I told my dentist that I was seeing Dr. Birdi for my treatment and he said he already knew because Dr. Birdi had already informed him and sent him a letter. My dentist said he was impressed as well. I’ve had implants and tissue grafts done by Dr. Birdi and it’s been very easy with minimal pain. I would recommend him to everyone. And he’s right in the tricities!!
H M.

Wow. My gums have never felt so good! Your professional and highly trained staff should be congratulated. I wish I had come to see you guys sooner.
Simon Hinckfuss