Dental crowns are a type of dental restoration that covers the entire visible aspect of a tooth that needs to be repaired, therefore ending up being the tooth’s new external surface area. These tooth-shaped crowns are sealed into location to encase the tooth, making them really hard to dislodge. Dental crowns are also known as dental caps or tooth caps.

At Vancouver periodontal office, BC Perio, we provide dental crowns for a variety of factors. They include restoring a tooth to its initial shape, reinforcing a tooth, and enhancing the cosmetic look of a tooth. We consistently make dental crowns for teeth that have broken or or exceedingly worn down. We also offer these crowns when large portions of the teeth are destroyed by dental caries. In some cases a tooth that has a very large filling needs a crown since it is not strong enough to perform its normal function. These crowns are likewise utilized to cover teeth that are badly discoloured.

We provide dental crowns made of porcelain, metal, or a mix of both, depending upon the nature of the issue and which one will match your teeth and specific problem in the best way possible. At Coquitlam periodontist BC Perio, our practice try to use dental crowns for cosmetic enhancements only when and if it is also required for another purpose, such as restoring or strengthening the tooth. This is a permanent process. We also advise making use of an all-metal crown for molars due to the fact that less of the tooth has to be eliminated.

We have plenty of experience in making dental crowns to remedy all sorts of dental problems. Of course, this depends on how well the tooth is kept.

The procedure of making crowns is extremely easy. We first make an impression of the tooth with a rubber-like material which embeds in around five minutes. We will also take an impression of the teeth above or below the tooth that will get the crown. This is to ensure that the crown will suit your regular bite. The crown is then made according to these impressions. We will put a short-term crown made of plastic in until the real crown gets ready.

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