Our Prosthetic Alliance Referral Program, exclusive to BC Perio Dental Health & Implant Centre, is an optional program that allows referring dentists to expand the types of cases they are able to treat and restore in their own office. This is accomplished by working closely with Dr. Bobby Birdi, a Board Certified Dual Specialist in Periodontics and Prosthodontics.

The Prosthetic Alliance Program is very flexible and can be molded to fit your needs. It involves Dr. Birdi participating in as little or as much of the prosthetic portion of a case you wish. For example, Bobby may help you treatment plan a case, perform the surgical aspects for you, and even work up the case to a provisional stage or final implant abutment stage before returning the case for you to restore in your office. Furthermore, you are more than welcome to come and observe during various stages of treatment in our office.

Another possible option would be for Bobby to aid in treatment planning a case and only performing the surgical aspects of the case. And of course, if there are cases you wish to have Dr. Birdi completely treat, that option will always be available, and you are welcome to observe treatment performed in our office.

Lastly, Dr. Birdi will be available to answer questions and address any concerns during the treatment of these cases, in order to ensure consistent high-quality results.

We are happy to answer any questions you may have about the benefits associated with this referral program. Please contact us at your convenience.