The team at Coquitlam and Vancouver periodontist BC Perio commonly extracts wisdom teeth and impacted teeth and replaces them with dental implants. Patients inform us that having the teeth extracted is actually the harder procedure to have compared with getting the dental implants placed, although lots of people would guess the opposite. With today’s innovation and a great deal of finesse, both of these procedures are remarkably simple to endure and to recover comfortably after treatment.

When teeth are removed, they are frequently either infected, the bone is infected, the tooth is split, or the client is in pain. A comprehensive assessment and composed treatment strategy preformed by our Vancouver and Coquitlam periodontists is needed before placing dental implants. BC Perio has extensive experience in preparing dental implant surgery after having placed many dental implants over the course of our doctor’s careers.

When you have an implant, you are getting a new tooth. The time you’ve invested in preparing puts you more at ease, assists you to prepare economically, and the infection has been dealt with and you most often feel more at ease about the treatment. The dental implant procedure is more convenient to place because the source of pain or infection is gone.

Most bone regeneration procedures are just as comfortable as the implant procedures. Soft tissue regeneration can cause mild to moderate post operative pain which is typically handled well with ibuprofen or Tylenol and occasionally narcotic pain relievers are needed.

Much like the dental implant treatments, these minor discomforts are soon forgotten. The long term benefits of dental implants are enjoyed with years of predictability. Patients are happy to suggest this care and more readily will have additional implant treatment as needed. Contact BC Perio today for more information!