Enhancing your smile with veneersVeneers are made of a thin porcelain shell, which is bonded onto the surface of a tooth. Custom ­made veneers might be an option for you if you are looking to correct aspects of your smile such as dislocation and gaps between teeth. The application of veneers is a painless and noninvasive treatment, and can instantly transform the appearance of the patient’s smile. Veneers can also serve to strengthen the teeth and protect against further staining as well as chipping or breaking.
Porcelain veneers can correct issues such as misshapen or misaligned teeth, as well as broken and severely discolored teeth. Veneers consist of a thin layer of ceramic that is fitted over top of the patient’s tooth. A small amount of the surface of the natural tooth, usually around a millimeter, has to be removed in order for the veneers to adhere to the tooth and look natural.

The dental specialists at BC Perio will capture an accurate impression of your teeth and skillfully match the created veneer to the natural color of your smile. Our goal is to enhance your smile, while making the veneer blend in flawlessly with the rest of the teeth for a natural, yet confident smile.

When you come in for your consultation, it’s a good to have a clear idea as to how you want your teeth to look, so your dentist can determine whether veneers will achieve the look that you want. If you are considering porcelain veneers to enhance your smile and give yourself that extra boost of confidence, don’t hesitate to schedule a consultation with one of our friendly dentists. At BC Perio, we work with you to help create the smile that you envision and the results that you deserve.