Correcting our smiles has become increasingly more accepted for patients thanks to popular reality shows that focus on dramatic smile makeovers. Patients in Coquitlam and Vancouver are beginning to understand how easy it is to create their ideal smiles with the available periodontal solutions.

We are often asked questions about what a periodontist can accomplish at BC Perio, and many patients are surprised at all the smile correction solutions we provide.

One popular cosmetic procedure is “gummy smile” treatment or correction. A gummy smile occurs when a large section of gums appear when the patient smiles or laughs. In some cases, there will be more gum area visible than teeth. Many patients complain about their gummy smiles because they are self-conscious of their prominent gums and small teeth. Generally, this smile comes from genetics, which causes the typical gum development to stop early, leaving teeth shorter than they should be.

A gummy smile correction can be treated by crown lengthening at BC Perio. Crown lengthening is a procedure that exposes more of the tooth by removing excess tissue and/or bone to create a new gum-to–tooth relationship. It can be performed on a single tooth, many teeth, or all of the teeth.

Periodontal treatment for gummy smiles at BC Perio has come a long way in providing smile correction. Patients at BC Perio are able to benefit greatly by taking advantage of gummy smile treatment and other cosmetic dentistry solutions.

For more information on crown lengthening or to book an appointment, Contact the expert team at BC Perio in Coquitlam and Vancouver.