Did you know that eating certain types of foods can help you fight cavities and help you maintain healthy teeth? Here’s a quick guide from our Vancouver and Coquitlam periodontists about the kinds of foods that are good (and bad!) for your oral health.

  • Fruits and veggies are fantastic for your teeth and gums – be sure to get at least five servings a day!
  • Calcium (found in milk products) prevents tooth loss and promotes bone growth for healthy teeth. Cheese in particular is an excellent choice: the calcium and phosphorus in cheese help eliminate the plaque that causes gingivitis and gum disease, and chewing cheese encourages saliva formation (which washes away cavity-causing bacteria).
  • High-protein foods – nuts, eggs, meats, poultry and fish – will strengthen your teeth.
  • Beware pickles, colas, and citrus fruits (lemons, oranges etc.) – the acid they contain can wear down enamel and weaken the structure of your healthy teeth. Sweets in general that are high in sugar are best avoided and consumed in moderation.

For healthy teeth that shine, it’s a great idea to visit your dentist and periodontal experts at BC Perio. Contact our Coquitlam and Vancouver periodontist offices today if you have any questions or would like to book an appointment.