Studies indicate that people who maintain excellent oral hygiene have fewer incidences of illnesses. These people also tend to live longer and enjoy a better quality of life. This underscores the need for increased awareness of the importance of looking after one’s teeth better.

At BC Perio, your Vancouver and Coquitlam periodontist, one of the first signs that we look for in a patient who comes in for a checkup is periodontal infection. This indicates the presence of bacteria in the mouth that can easily enter the bloodstream through cuts, and cause a lot of problems to the person. The presence of this infection, known as PI, indicates a risk for heart disease as well as diabetes.

A person can have a healthy mouth only if he or she maintains proper oral hygiene and follows a good diet. Brushing and flossing teeth regularly keeps food particles away from the teeth and gums and also prevents the formation of plaque on the gums and teeth. Doctors warn that plaque has the tendency to break away from the teeth and find its way to the blood stream where it eventually clogs the arteries. This plaque is also rich in microorganisms that are believed to develop the conditions that lead to heart attacks.

The problems associated with not having a healthy mouth are most dramatic in elderly people. They are sometimes unable to eat their food properly because of missing or broken teeth or even pain in their jaws. This can lead to malnutrition and a general weakening of their body and reduction in immunity.

It has also been observed that people who are careful about cleaning their teeth also tend to look after their health better. The reverse is also true since people who do not practice proper oral hygiene are very careless about their health and this has severe negative consequences. Another important aspect to having a healthy mouth is staying away from all sorts of tobacco products. Abstaining from the consumption of tobacco also helps keep a person healthy. These people also tend to eat fewer sweets which are as harmful to the health as they are to the teeth. They also follow a diet that is rich in fiber from fruits and vegetables as well as in protein and calcium from dairy products.

Our team of periodontists always advises patients to come in so that they can be treated for any oral problems. This is one of the best ways of ensuring that they have a healthy mouth as well as overall wellbeing and fitness. Contact us today to schedule an appointment at our Coquitlam and Vancouver periodontal clinic, BC Perio.