To give you an idea, Restorative Dentistry is all about supplying clinical attention and assistance to all clients who require dental work or procedures done on their teeth, gums, or any other location of the mouth. Why exactly is this essential and what exactly is corrective dentistry for?

Everyone who visits the dentist, goes there with two things in mind.

  1. It’s time for their bi-annual check-up to guarantee that their teeth are in correct working condition, OR
  2. there is something aching or wrong with their teeth that has to be dealt with.

If there is a condition or a complicated dental problem, restorative dentistry from our BC Perio dental experts will address the situation and provide a sensible soliton. As the name suggests, the objective is to “restore” the normal functions and look of the teeth. Dental restorations are readily available for individuals who need some kind of dental work and extra care..

Restorative Dentistry can also work closely with cosmetic dentistry ensure the visual appeal of the teeth and mouth area– this is an important aspect of corrective dentistry. A good example is when an individual loses a tooth completely, they will have to change the tooth for a dental implant. This is covered under restorative dentistry but it can also apply to cosmetic surgery.

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