Also known as Immediate Function Implants, ‘Teeth in One Day’ is the result of nearly two decades of research and innovation in the field of restorative dentistry. This procedure utilizes cutting edge technology to replace missing teeth with implants and crowns on the same day, as opposed to having to wait to have the prosthetic tooth applied. Teeth in one day is perfect for anyone who is missing one or more teeth.

Since Teeth in One Day allows the patient to receive an implant and a crown all in one day, the patient is able to leave the appointment with a fully-functioning set of teeth in one day. Crowns are connected to the implants in the same appointment.Teeth in One Day is a great treatment for people that have one or more missing teeth, regardless of whether the teeth are missing from the top or bottom jaw. Patients can have one tooth replaced or a full set of teeth in one treatment visit. In this way, the patient leaves the office with immediate results and a fully transformed smile.

Dental implants look and work just like natural teeth do, and are able to be cleaned in the same way, through brushing and flossing. This technology helps to improve not just the patient’s appearance, but greatly improves the patient’s ability to speak, as well as maintaining the alignment of any remaining teeth and the shape of the jaw. In this way dental implants are far superior to removable dentures.

Healing time after this procedure can range from 6-8 weeks, during which we recommend that the patient be gentle with their new teeth, avoiding excessively crunchy or chewy foods.

For people who are missing all of their teeth, All- On- 4 is a treatment that allows the patient to walk out of the appointment with a functional set of teeth. This contemporary treatment replaces the patient’s missing teeth with a provisional full dental non-removable fixed bridge supported by only 4 titanium dental implants in either the lower or upper jaw. With this treatment, less implants are needed, reducing time and cost for the patient. All-On-4 differs from regular dentures in that they are a permanent and non-removable solution that will not interfere with the patient’s ability to eat or speak. These non-removable fixtures also help to retain the shape and size of the jaw, whereas with removable dentures, the jaw can shrink and become misshapen over time. Fitting in with the Teeth in One Day method, All-On-4 provides the patient with natural looking and functional teeth as soon as their appointment at BC Perio Dental Health and Implant Centre is completed.

Many case studies have been done on the safety and effectiveness of Teeth in One day. Please refer to Treatment Examples for more information, or contact us to Book Your Implant Consultation today.