At BC Perio, we are happy to offer Botox to our clients. Typically, Botox is used as a cosmetic treatment for people looking to enhance their appearances, but at BC Perio it can also be used for medical purposes. It can be used on muscles that twitch involuntarily, for teeth clenching or grinding, to help in the treatment of migraines, TMJ, and other dental issues.

The dentists at BC Perio are highly skilled individuals who are trained in the administering of Botox. TMJ, teeth grinding, teeth clenching, etc. can be very uncomfortable and cause extreme pain to your teeth or jaw. Botox is an effective treatment that can be used instead of more traditional dental methods such as dental splints and night guards.

Botox was first discovered as a medical treatment in the 1950s, where they learned that the protein botulinum toxin could treat muscle spasms. Since then, it has been refined and introduced to mainstream culture as Botox. It was approved by the FDA in 1989.

BC Perio dentists take extreme care in adminstering botox to their patients. They are united in their mission to provide all of their patients with wonderful and memorable service. Please contact BC Perio today if you’re interested in any Botox services.