At BC Perio, we prioritize patient care and employ the latest technology to maintain and improve your oral health. As part of our ongoing commitment to serve you better, we are pleased to be one of the first clinics in BC to introduce the groundbreaking AI technology, Diagnocat, into our practice. This new technology will enhance treatment allowing us to provide an advanced level of oral care for all our patients.

What Is Diagnocat?

Diagnocat is an artificial intelligence tool that can help your dentist to analyze your teeth and assist with treatment planning. It stands out against other AI options because it is the only AI-powered service to analyze 3D dental images. At BC Perio, we are one of the first specialty practices to integrate this high-level AI technology into our clinic.

How Does Diagnocat Work?

Your dentist will take scans and x-rays of your teeth to identify any oral problems that cannot be detected through a visual exam of your mouth. They will then assess these images and create a treatment plan to resolve the issue. Diagnocat AI is an additional tool that can be used by your dentist to get a second opinion on their diagnosis.

Which Dental Conditions Can Diagnocat Detect?

Diagnocat can accurately detect over 65 dental conditions, including periapical lesions, periodontal bone loss, dental caries, open margins, overhangs, and impactions. It can also identify defects of any previous endodontic treatments.

What Are The Benefits of Using Diagnocat?

AI-powered technology provides several benefits to patient care. It allows dentists to analyze dental images with greater accuracy leading to better treatments for each individual patient.

Diagnocat Allows Multiple Specialists to Discuss Your Case

Diagnocat offers a collaboration tool that allows your dentist to connect with multiple specialists to discuss your case. Specialists can gain access to your AI-based reports remotely to discuss treatment options with your dentist.

How Accurate Is the Technology?

The creators of Diagnocat have worked for more than four years with over 55 top-class dentists and radiologists to create this advanced AI technology. They analyzed over nine million teeth to allow the machine learning tool to detect over 65 dental conditions. With a screening accuracy of 90%, Diagnocat AI is a useful tool for your dentist to evaluate their findings.

When Will My Dentist Use Diagnocat?

Diagnocat AI technology can create enhanced radiology reports for intraoral X-rays, panoramic radiographs, and CBCT images. It provides a quick and accurate analysis of your teeth and can be used to analyze dental problems in adults and children.

Intraoral X-Rays

The AI technology of Diagnocat can analyze one to several images of your teeth and highlight any conditions affecting them. It can also focus on specific teeth and generate a radiological assessment to help with your treatment plan.

Panoramic Radiograph (OPG)

A panoramic radiograph is a series of two-dimensional dental X-rays taken at multiple angles to create a single composite image. With Diagnocat AI, you can focus on each individual tooth within the panoramic view.


Diagnocat can also detect dental conditions by analyzing CBCT scans. Diagnocat will also generate a printed report for your medical record.

Diagnocat Creates Charts That Are Easy to Understand

This AI technology automatically numbers each of your teeth and generates a report with the findings for each tooth. It also creates a colour-coded dental chart, highlighting healthy teeth, previously treated teeth, and missing and unhealthy teeth. That way, you gain a good overall understanding of your oral health.

How Long Does it Take for Diagnocat to Make a Diagnosis?

While an oral radiologist will typically take 30 minutes to analyze a CBCT scan, it takes another few days for your dentist to receive the report. Diagnocat AI technology can create radiological reports within minutes! 2-D X-ray images are created within seconds, while CBCT reports are generated in under 10 minutes. As a patient at BC Perio, you will have the advantage of being able to discuss the results of your report during your visit.

Feel More Confident With Your Diagnosis

AI-generated reports serve as a fast screening tool for common dental issues. By analyzing your dental images, artificial intelligence detects and highlights various conditions, enabling your dentist to be more proactive in addressing them.

Viewing the enhanced Diagnocat report with your dentist will provide you with a clear understanding of your dental condition. In addition to your dentists’ own assessment of your teeth, they will use the information provided in the report to create a treatment plan that works best for your needs.

Diagnocat and Implant Planning

As a dental implant centre, we are excited to use Diagnocat AI technology to enhance the implant process. Diagnocat has been proven to be highly successful in implant planning and helps facilitate our work.

Do All Dentists Use Diagnocat?

Diagnocat is a new groundbreaking technology that is designed to enhance the future of oral care. It is increasingly used in many countries worldwide, including the United States, Switzerland, and Great Britain. At BC Perio, we believe in providing our patients with a first-class dental experience and offer the latest technology to enhance patient care.

Experience the Latest Technology at BC Perio Dental Health and Implant Centre

Diagnocat is relatively new to Canada, so our patients are some of the first to benefit from this new AI technology. If you would like to find out more about Diagnocat or would like to book a consultation, call us.

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